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Product Description

Easy to use psychic brain add-on uploaded & updated in your brain instantly. 100% money back guarantee. Think here for a product presentation.

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Heart Damage, Cancer & Car Accident Protection

‘From your heart’, cancer or car accident thoughts and pressure in your direction is reduced by nearly 100%.


Imagination Real-As-Day Quality

Experience imagination in high quality definition.



Time Travel & Future Access

Attain future work like music, business plans, life decisions & more. Always stay seconds ahead of others in conversations. Time travel made easy and instant.

Telepathy & Video Calling

Hear what everyone’s thinking and communicate with them in real time. Instantly streamed to both parties.

Any Answer

Accurate answers instantly delivered mentally. Ace the IQ test and your exams.

‘What Would You Do’ Brain Update

Essential in the modern age. Expert honest advice instantly.

Clients, Money & Jobs Find You

Eric delivers cash through ‘the right system’.

Business Partner From The Future

Get future advice from a real dream A.I. person. They love their job, work 24/7, can do all the thinking and bring in sales.

Legal Advice

Instantly search our attorney’s brain for relevant advice.

Improved IQ Access

Dominate conversations and know more than ever.

911-Angel & Space Court Access

For out of control disputes. Get relief and peace of mind.

Auto Translation

Instantly communicate in their language and understand them no matter what planet they’re on.

Time Banking

Track & spend your stew time easily.

Any Food Or Flavor Access

Taste anything in history.

Defensive & Offensive Magic

Be ahead of the curve with today’s latest psychic knowledge.

Very Sexy & Attractive System

You’ve never been more attractive when psychic is involved.

All Custom TV Channels & Shows

Access today’s latest media. Pay-per-view quality programming.

TV, Movie, Book & Franchise Interactive Experience

The show you can feel. All media is now interactive with your life in an exciting way.


TV & Movies

HD picture instantly streamed to your head. Watch your favorite shows & movies.


Credit Card & Sensitive Information Protection

Encrypted moments.

Music & Book Player

Play your music and books instantly. Commercial free in high quality definition.

100% money back & cancel at any time guarantee.

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$649.99 $249.99 / month Add to Cart