Hen Phone

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Product Description

Free phone with video calling and more. Easy to use brain add-on uploaded & updated in your brain instantly.
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Video Calling

 Video calling in HD streamed instantly.


Mental Phone (Telepathy)

Call anyone anywhere.



Improved IQ

Dominate conversations and know more than ever.



Time Banking

Track & spend your time easily.



Repair organs & psychological issues. You can feel it working!

Problem Away Box

Throw your problems in the problem box to get rid of them. Any bad thought or concept can go in there for easy export to another system.

Air Search

Search the earth’s archives, galactic leaders & all the air search products.



Nature & Weather Control

Enjoy animals and weather in a new way.




Secret Keeper

Keep all your secrets in a safe place out of sight.


Magic Shield

The perfect defense.

Drug Like Effects

Experience reality distortion & be in control of it.

 All Media Interactive

Interact with movies, TV, books and advertisements.

Magic Wand

The perfect wand made just for you.


Deal Finder

Get the absolute best price.


Magic Pen

Include attachments in your writing and more.



Always remember how to get there.


Dream Vacation

Vacation anytime during the day or night.



Auto translation

Speak any language instantly and they speak your language. No lag – instant translation.


Food & Flavor Taster

Experience any food memory in history or enjoy your favorite foods like the first bite.


Magic Shows

Press a button to see today’s cutting edge magic.


Web & Software Browser

Browser the web and your favorite programs easily.


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